A quality logo in Helvetica®, accessible to all.

Our project

We design your logo in Helvetica® for a nominal fee.

Helvethical is an Italian project founded in 2020 by Andrea Petruccio, an award-winning graphic design professional. 

It was born from the idea of wanting to give everyone the opportunity to have a quality logo, done by a professional designer. Many people for their business, they spend a lot of money on useless things and do not invest money in logos. Not investing money in a quality logo generates an ugly world, and we don’t want that. 

Helvetica® is a typeface that has revolutionized the world of communication for the past 70 years, and we chose it because it is the icon of visual innovation that we would like to passionately and lovingly spread to the world. 

Happy logo to all.



Each one is handmade

We do not produce automated logos. Each logo is unique. We design it by hand with Adobe Illustrator and use a variety of professional Helvetica fonts.


We design your logo

We work on the spaces between the letters in your logo and create harmony. Space management can be simple, but difficult.


It's ready for you.

After passing the final test, he is ready. You will receive it in all open formats ready for use. We will also provide you with the vector file so you can really do anything with it.

Made by a graphic designer

Designed with love (one by one!) by an Italian typographic designer

A professional logo

You will receive a ready-to-use professional logo to use for your business, project, passions, or to create your graphic identity.

open format logo

Your logo will be in many different formats, and especially in an open format. So you can really do anything with your new logo.

We are
the only

Ours is the first and only visual enhancement project open to all. We believe that good design is for everyone, and we do this through quality logo design. 

Price is
too low

Our philosophy is to share what we do best. In 2020 we produced 2,511 free logos. There were too many requests and we decided to set a very low price, affordable to all, to continue our project.

Your service
is useless

It is not just typing characters on a keyboard. We have been working in the industry for 13 years, and we have realized that the simplest things are the hardest. Do it yourself, and see if it is identical to ours.

Your support
is invaluable

Help us spread our project to the world, also thanks to you we are here. Share, share and share.

Good visual communication is finally for everyone.

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of your business?


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